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Ajou Korean Language Institute offers Korean language courses for intranational students as a part of its international studies program. About 500 students a year study at Ajou Korean Language Institute and approximately 200 students have passed Korean language proficiency tests hosted by the Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation.

The Korean Language Program employs outstanding instructors and has developed a learner-centered, up-to-date educational environment with the aim of deepening foreigners' appreciation and understanding of Korean culture and society.

Ajou University Korean Language Program is at the forefront of Korean language education and through constant research and development it is striving to maintain that standard of excellence into the future.

icon Academic Schedule

All courses are operated under the 4-semester-a-year system and each semester is basically 10 week long. Applicants must pass the placement test on designated date and their test result will be reported on the commencement date of each semester.

Level Program Contents
Beginner Ⅰ
- This course teaches Korean letters and basic pronunciation rules
- For understanding and acquiring basic structure of sentence and function
- For learning basic conversational expressions
 : Improving communication skills in the Korean society; greeting, introduction, ordering food, purchasing goods, using transportation vehicles and telephones, etc
Beginner Ⅱ
- This course is designed to improve listening, speaking, writing skills of basic Korean language
- For acquiring vocabularies and some professional terms that help you lead basic social life
- For acquiring practical expressions such as casual words or indirect narration.
Intermediate Ⅰ
- This course is designed to help you understand the overall ideas of Korean newspaper or TV, enabling you to communicate in everyday life
- For acquiring Korean's natural intonation after learning Korean saying or idioms
- Being acquainted with practical expression of Korean after learning passive and causative descriptions
Intermediate Ⅱ
- This course is designed to help you express your own opinions in a casual discussion and to express general Korean language
- For understanding Korean culture and way of thinking through learning Korean customs and culture
- Enabling you to speak and write long sentences in various way
Advanced Ⅰ
- This course is designed to help you practice enhanced linking suffix and ending suffix
- Enabling you to lead normal social life and work in Korean companies
- No trouble understanding abstract terms and generally used languages
Advanced Ⅱ
- This course is designed for student who can express professional expressions
- Full understanding of high-level sentences and current issues on TV, radio, lecture and newspaper
- Delivering accurate ideas while discussing