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3F KS Bd., 60 YeoksamRO 17Gil,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-924 Korea
Tel. +82-10-3515-9195
Academy adress: Cheonan, Korea


Why unpaid Internship?

-you will build a social network quicker

-unpaid Internship allows you to make your own schedule

-it gives you free time to engage in other activities such as travel, sports and having some rest.

-you can chose the place of Internship you like.

-you work not because money, you work for your experience which bring you more assets for the future.

-the internship in organizations located in the luxurious areas

-you will work together of the best professionals and learn from them

-you will increase you Korean language skill

-you will have a legal Internship

We offer short-term unpaid Internships in lawyer office, plastic surgery clinic, bank, companies.

The internship in organizations will significantly contribute to your career.